Well.... Actually I was really bored doing this blog but I hope its okay at least ^^
Im not good talking about me. But in a short way it would be like:  "Im kind, nice, bi-sexual and happy!" :D
My favorite things could be Drugs & Rock n Roll (I know, "sex" is missing but Im... not yet >///<).Im 16 and my birthday was the past thursday. My hair is short -as you can see in the pictures- and Im not tall at all.
I dont have a defined style but now Im really into punk and  rock obviously
I will use this blog like a personal diary or something like that :3
 If you get bored just tell me and give me a few ideas! D: 
Thats all :D   

First Day

For 3 days Ive been surviving eating just a little bit of food. The rest of day day drinking tea or coffe depending of my mood. Until now Im not feelin sick or anything like that, maybe a little bit skinnier but thats all. :/
At first I was doing it to be cute for someone, because people say: "The right person will come alone" but I was just tired of wait cuz I think that mine got hit by a bus or something. So Im like "starting" to be friend of Ana and Mia so I can be skinnier and fuckable. 
Well, that was my first idea but now is more personal. Like a challenge. Besides Im  fat and of course I dont wanna be like this anymore. I wanna wear everything I want. I wanna get dressed the way I like without all the bitches talking behind my back. But the most important thing I want... I wanna feel okay with myself. Well.... This is the first and the last time that I will ever talk about this because of the people who are not interested about this things. 

                               The end :D